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Product Collections

Muskoka Mercantile's line of exciting product collections continues to expand and evolve at our Shipyards location in Gravenhurst.

Drop-by often to see what's new as some product supplies and selections are limited!

Vinyl Stickers

Premium quality vinyl waterproof stickers are an ideal way to display a personal statement on just about anything.  Ideal for laptops, vehicles, water bottles, sporting equipment and so much more.  Created by Muskoka Mercantile. Many more designs available.  Approximate sticker size is 75mm x 75mm.  Only $3.95 each.  Easily mailable.  Just stick 'em anywhere!

Barn Stars

A barn star design was once painted on Amish and Mennonite barns to represent the trademark of a specific builder.  Through time, barn stars became a sign of good luck for farmers and this tradition continues today.

Hang your barn star in your home or cottage as a good luck symbol.  You can also use barn stars to add a touch of rustic décor to wreaths, garland, centrepieces, mantle displays and many more creative crafts and projects.  Muskoka Mercantile's tin barn stars are available in many sizes and come in a variety of colours and finishes.

Bulbs - Silicone

Muskoka Mercantile carries a variety of fascinating silicone light bulbs to give your electric candle lamps, chandeliers and night lights a warm glow and in some bulbs the appearance of a flickering flame.

Candles - Beeswax

Cheeky Bee beeswax candles burn completely clean.  They're non-toxic and non-allergenic, contain no paraffin, benzene, acrolyn, lead, stearic acid, or any other chemicals.  Just 100% pure, Canadian beeswax. Beeswax is the only fuel that releases a negative ion as it burns.  Negative ions are proven to eliminate dust, pollen, mould, smoke, food odour and pet dander, as well as airborne germs and bacteria.  Available from Muskoka Mercantile in a wide-range of sizes and shapes.

Candles - Maple Syrup

Handcrafted with the sweet scent of maple, these maple syrup candles duplicate that very authentic smell.  Made of 100% natural soy wax.  Each artisan wick is made of natural wood.  Listen to the crackling sound of a fireplace when the candle is lit.  Available from Muskoka Mercantile in tin and glass containers. 

Candles - Rich Hill Company

Made from premium-grade paraffin wax with 100% fibre wicks.  Available in a variety of sizes, colours and scents.

Capital Earth Rugs

"As natural as walking on grass!".  100% organic natural jute fiber products available in many colours, sizes and patterns. Muskoka Mercantile sells their braided rugs, table runners, placemats, trivets and coasters.


Muskoka Mercantile sells a variety of eco-friendly cleaning products including the Original Euroscrubby, Euroscrubby Dish Clothes, Euroscrubby Sponges and Classic Linen Dish Clothes.  We also carry Jude's Miracle Clothes and their amazing screen and lens wipes. 

Door Stops

Keep the fresh air moving with these cute and adorable heavy door stops from Muskoka Mercantile.


Spruce up your garden with unique outdoor decorations.


Muskoka Mercantile is constantly searching for a variety of interesting home and cottage décor.  Shop for that perfect gift for yourself, family and friends. 


Muskoka Mercantile carries a large selection of interesting and functional hardware.  Including a variety of hooks, handles, signs, bells, knockers, shelf brackets, S-hooks, bottle openers and so much more.

Linen Spray

 Muskoka Mercantile's linen spray is hand-blended using only top-quality phthalate free fragrant oils.  Linen spay can be misted on sheets and used while ironing.  It can also be used as a room spray, toilet spritzer and personal body spray.  Our linen spray contains no alcohol.  For use on water safe surfaces.  Shake before use.  $12.95 a bottle.


Say what you're really feeling with these mugs from Muskoka Mercantile.

Picture Frames

Image-ready picture frames in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and sayings from Muskoka Mercantile.

String Lights - Electric and Battery

 Muskoka Mercantile's brown wire electric string lights are a perfect choice when you want to hide the wiring in decorative wreaths, vines, tree branches, lattice and arches.  Electric string lights are available in 35, 50 and 100 decorator bulb sets. The tiny flexible battery string lights add charm and warmth to centre pieces, floral arrangements, wreaths, mini trees, wine bottles and a variety of crafts.  Available in mini, teeny and silicone dipped.

Towels - Kitchen and Bathroom

Dress-up your kitchen or bathroom with several of these charming home and cottage towels from Muskoka Mercantile. 

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